Staverton primary praised by MPs for maths results that puts it in top one per cent of English schools

Staff and pupils at¬†Staverton primary school have been congratulated by the Government’s education secretary and schools minister for their excellent maths results.

In a letter from the Secretary of State for education, Damian Hinds and school standards minister Nick Gibb, Staverton CEVA Primary School is recognised for being in the top one per cent of primary schools in England.

The school drew priase after all the students at Key Stage 2 met the expected standards in maths.

“We would like to congratulate you, your staff and your pupils on the very high standard of achievement demonstrated in the mathematics Key Stage 2 assessments last year,” the MPs wrote.

“Your school’s results, as published on December 13, show that 100 per cent of your pupils reached or exceeded the expected standard in mathematics at the end of Key Stage 2.

“This means that for achievement in mathematics, your school is in the top one per cent of primary schools in England.

“We want to equip every child with the fluency in mathematics necessary to prepare them for a successful secondary education and beyond, and your school has provided this to all your pupils.

“Thank you for producing such high standards through your hard work and professionalism, and congratulations again to you and your staff for all you have achieved.”

Headteacher Brian Irvine believed the key to the pupils’s success stemmed from them gaining confidence from their teacher Mr Hier and from learning maths both in and out of the classroom.

“I am so proud of the whole team and the children for their incredible achievements; it shows the strength of maths teaching right from reception through to year 6 and how every person has had an impact on the learning of our children,” said Mr Irvine.

“Mr Hier is the maths coordinator of the school and has driven change through his subject specialism.”

He added: “Learning doesn’t just take place in the classroom as we promote maths all around the school.

“Mr Hier has pushed through the belief that if children have a firm understanding of the basics of number, times tables and the four operations, then the rest of maths is a lot less challenging and pupils enjoy the subject.”

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