Rhayader pupil’s 100 per cent attendance record celebrated

AS the school year ended at Rhayader Primary School, one left having set a record for attendance by never having missed a day in all his eight years at school.

Cameron Hopes-Steele was presented with a mobile phone by the school as a leaving present to mark the remarkable achievement after a search of the records failed to find anyone else having equalled his 100 per cent record.

County Times:

Cameron was also delighted to be presented with the Dr John Buchan trophy for Mathematics, named after the local doctor and crime fiction author.

Dr Buchan now comes into school to help children who are gifted in maths to go further.

Mum Claire is proud of her son’s achievement in not having missed a day’s school in eight years from reception class at the age of three until the end of term aged 11.

County Times:

“Cameron’s attendance for the entire eight years astounding. He has gone to school with broken and fractured fingers and toe to ensure he does not miss his education and even rearranged an important operation for the school holidays.

“It was very generous of the school to present him with a mobile phone. I said he couldn’t have one until he goes to high school so it was a real surprise when he was called into the office at playtime to be given one in addition to receiving the trophy for mathematics which is the subject he loves,” said Claire.

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