Nine-year-old clears class 10 IGCSE exam held by Cambridge International

A nine-year-old boy from a city school has cleared the Class 10 International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) mathematics examination conducted by Cambridge International. Aarav Nallur wrote the exam this May while he was studying in Class 3 and managed to get an ‘A’ grade. The results for the IGCSE (Class 10 equivalent), AS (Class 11), and A Level (Class 12) exams were announced on Tuesday.

Aarav’s parents said he was a prodigy in mathematics and had a higher Intelligence Quotient (IQ) than other children his age. After they discussed it with teachers at his school TRIO World Academy, a high school mathematics teacher decided to prepare him for the IGCSE exam. He sat in the mathematics classes meant for students from Classes 9 and 10 even as he attended all the other classes with his Class 3 mates.

“He used to spend one hour every evening completely focused on mathematics. Every Saturday, his maths teacher would come to the house and teach him for two hours,” said Aarav’s mother, Divya Nallur.

According to his teachers and parents, the results of his IQ test, conducted by a clinical psychologist in the U.K., fall in the top 2 percentile of high IQ members across the world. Aarav wants to become a mathematician.

“We are very proud of Aarav Nallur’s achievements. Being a nine-year-old kid and scoring such good results at Grade 10 examinations is very unusual. He is an inspiration to other students as well,” said Naveen K.M., Md, Trio World Academy, in a press release.

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