Generation Girl spreads STEM ‘virus’ one school break at a time – City

Girls are using their school breaks to learn what used to be thought as masculine subjects such as coding and robotics. These girls are a part of a learning club called Generation Girl (GenG), which aims to introduce science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in a fun and interactive way.
A group of girls were seen fixated on their laptops, typing codes and numbers fluently into software to make a website on Thursday.
“Coding is hard, but it is a never-ending process depending on how far you want to go,” said Ilma Ranjani Wijaya, 17, a participant who studies at Labschool Kebayoran, South Jakarta.
Ilma has been accepted to the University of Indonesia’s School of Medicine but is using her school break to learn about STEM. She said that being in the club was a fun holiday activity.
The club offers programs specifically designed for school breaks. …

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