Flavor-Maker Twang a Seasoned Family Business in San Antonio – Hello Math

Strolling through the streets of Mexico City while on a business trip three decades ago, Roger Treviño hit upon an idea that spiced up an entire category in the food and beverage industry.

The concept was packaged citrus salts and, once Treviño found a raw product supplier in California, he began blending and distributing the salt packets to convenience stores locally in 1986. Ten years later, his company Twang began marketing the product as beer salt and then added flavored margarita salts, boldly introducing the Mexican tradition to consumers for the first time in the United States.

Since then, Twang has grown into a mid-sized business that manufactures and ships seven brands of Southwestern-inspired flavored salts, sugars, and spice seasonings to stores and restaurants in 48 states and overseas. Some of Twang’s other brands include the snack topping Twangerz, a food seasoning called Zas!, flavored coffee topping Café Zuca, and Twang-a-Rita, a cocktail dressing.

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